Kapitan Sparky mix 7 inch vinyl singles only from Soul Service on Vimeo.

Above is my mix with DJ Ojciec Karol and Mr. Shambalaya on drums. Unfortunately its filmed in a way that I am not too visible – only my hands on knobs and turntables and my reflection in the window. Nevertheless – it works well as Polish Funk DJ demo. 🙂

Dynamite Combo is a jazz, funk, Latin groove sound-system from Poland/Warsaw.
Cpt. Sparky – DJ, Piotr „Ziarek” Ziarkiewicz – trumpet, Marcin „Ganio” Gańko – saxophone.

JazzMess Party klub SPATiF Warszawa, november 2018
DJ Cpt. Sparky
Marcin Gańko – sax, Rafał Gańko – trumpet

DJ Cpt. Sparky + Piotr „Ziarek” Ziarkiewicz – trumpet and Rafał Gańko – trumpet. Hala Koszyki, Warsaw, Poland. We performed there during weekends of 2017.